Dr. Abbey Royle, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I love working with people to uncover the roots of their individual health concerns and establish practical approaches to healing ailments, regaining vitality, and aging well. With this in mind my goal is to help people to understand their current state of health, to work proactively to address challenges and risk factors, and to integrate lifestyle choices that naturally foster balance and wellbeing.

A bit about my approach:
Every patient has their own unique story to tell. I really enjoy taking the time to meet my patients where they are, and together, we work towards reaching their personal health goals in a way that is achievable and long-lasting. Patient education is very important to me, and I love to spend time helping people understand how their bodies work, and the rationale and research behind the treatment recommendations that I’ve chosen. I use a variety of treatments and because Naturopathic medicine is individualized medicine, I may emphasize one of the major treatment modalities more or less with each patient, depending on what is going to work best for them and their lifestyle. Often I will reach for herbal medicines, clinical nutrition, and lifestyle counselling with my patients. I also often create my treatment plans in a way that draws from Traditional Chinese Medicine and may include clinical acupuncture treatments with the incorporated diet and lifestyle recommendations. I have a special interest in healthy aging, brain health, and palliative care, but I’ve always been more of a ‘family health’ style ND. I’m here to help the whole family from fertility planning to end of life care.